Saturday, March 3, 2007

Clothing, nudists and the self

How does colored fabric change who we are? Researchers says clothing has an impact on how you perceive yourself.

In a University of Michigan study entitled "Clothing in the Self-System of Adolescents" (1997 - view), researchers explored the cultural impact of clothing in relation to the self during those developmentally important adoloescent years.

The researchers explain how clothing and the self are linked:

"If adolescents regard clothing as a tool for validation of the self or inclusion in social interaction through which the self can be established, they may value clothing more than other objects as part of the self. They may perceive clothing as central to the self and psychologically become linked to clothing. The centrality and psychological linkage of the person to clothing is what is meant by the psychological closeness or proximity of clothing to self."

What does this mean to nudists? Well, except for the lucky few who live on nudist resorts, most nudists I know wear clothing for work, for shopping, and even around the house. During these times, clothing may impact our self perception.

When we finally are in a nude, we have no fabric to define us. We have the freedom of our own skin.

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