Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nudist Myth Busting: Clothing is Required

Humans need clothing, don't they? Let's dispel the myth of clothing. A brief sampling of works by other authors makes it clear that living nude is more common than you may think.

In the recent and recommended book "The Complete Guide to Nudism and Naturism" by Liz and James Egger, the husband and wife nudist authors of 30 years provide some interesting facts and evidence why clothing is not a physical requirement for survival.

They point out that the natives in Tierra del Fuego in South America's southernmost region have lived nude in a climate with 43F (6C) degree average weather. Charles Darwin is among the people to document this.

The Egger's go on to say "The difference is that [the natives] had never felt the need for clothing, and so their bodies had adapted to the cold."

NUFF, the Naturist UK Fact File, is compiling a list of many existing and extinct nude cultures around the world. The list is surprising. Did you know that the peoples of the indigenous tribes of the Caribbean, the Caribs, were usually nude at the time of discovery by Christopher Colombus?

In a 1927 book entitled "Studies in the Psychology of Sex: Vol. 1" by Havelock Ellis, the author examines many cultures whose people do not normally cover themselves with fabric. The book is dated and relative, but points out many cultures where nudity has been the norm:

"The Mandurucu women of Brazil... are completely naked, but they are careful to avoid any postures which might be considered indecorous..."
"The semi-nude natives of the island of Nias in the Indian Ocean are "modest by nature," paying no attention to their own nudity or that of others,..."
And then there are cultures where clothing is restrictive:
"In [1927] England, the regulations of the Swimming Clubs affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association, require that the male swimmer's costume shall extend not less than eight inches from the bifurcation downward, and that the female swimmer's costume shall extend to within not more than three inches from the knee."
Living naked is a way of life in many cultures. Myth busted.

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Nude with 6°C???
What's the trick? I wanna leran it so i can be always nude! Currently, i prefer to be nude at 28°C!