Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doing Housework Naked To Try Naturism

I remember one time seeing some residents of a naturist campground building a deck in front of their trailer. They worked without wearing anything. I thought: "Wow, I wish I could do that at home. It seems like such a natural way to do house work."

The only option for most people is to do housework indoors. Just keep the curtains shut!

If you've never tried doing housework without clothes, give it a try. You'll thank me for the idea. It is a way to try naturism/nudism and to see that being without textile material covering your skin is simply natural.

Why? You'll probably find the experience very natural and refreshing. Most people avoid vacuuming the rug, but the chore becomes more comfortable without clothes. It is like taking a shower and the refreshing feeling of being naked in a natural state.

Have to clean the bathroom? Do it before or after taking the day's shower. It is very convenient not to have to put on clothing.

Already do this? I'm not surprised. Doing housework without clothes is common amongst many people - even those who are not aware of this thing defined as nudism or naturism.