Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The impact of clothing

John Veltheim wrote an interesting article called "Naked beneath your clothing" a while back. I won't claim to agree with every last point, but he presents a lot of good thoughts.

Here, he provides an argument about the negative impact of clothing on our body and mind:

"When people use clothing as a means of shutting out the world and covering up to stop the world from seeing their distorted inner self image, they create a tragedy of immense proportions. When hiding behind clothes, people are closing down their body energically and psychologically. A healthy body has its energy, nervous system, and life forces flowing freely throughout it. When shut down psychologically and physically, the body energy shuts down, distorts and flows abnormally. This manifests major kinks in spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth."

He seems to be saying that clothing is preventing humans from reaching their full potential.