Tuesday, January 23, 2007

South African Nude Safari to open in March 2007

Nudist Day had an interesting post about a new South African nude safari and this should be very exciting news for nudist travelers!

At 95 sq. miles, Kudumanzi Nudist EcoPark is the largest nudist resort in the world! To walk across the property would take weeks. In reality, the accommodations are limited - only room enough for 16 or so people, but who can complain on nude safari.

The wilderness here is really wild. According to the Kudumanzi Nudist EcoPark website, wildlife includes the animals you'd only see in zoos in the United States: giraffes, kudus, rooiboks, zebras, crocodiles and all kinds of exotic birds. Visitors may even see cheetahs, but don't let the cheetah see you!

As stated on the website: "The area is also completely malaria free!" Nice! Nobody wants to catch malaria while naked on a safari.

More about the park:

"The NudistEcoPark™ is located in a protected Game Farm and Ecosystem and provides a perfect backdrop for Naturist and Nudist activities. It is also totally secluded and private, and will allow you unfettered nude roaming of a large Game Farm type environment." (Source: Kudumanzi Nudist EcoPark website)

The park offers a lot of fun, one-of-a-kind activities:

- Guided nude game drives
- Nude walking trails and hiking
- Nude quad riding via rentable quads
- Nude eco hunting (groups only) which doesn't appear to be real kill-the-animal hunting, but more of a safari experience, but I could be wrong.
- Nude personalized picnics at various waterfall sites in the park.

This sounds like a great experience! I wouldn't recommend this for a first-time experience for north american residents. I'd recommend trying an American Association for Nude Recreation affiliated nudist resort which provide an ideal first-time environment. Get some experience first before making an investment.