Thursday, January 11, 2007

Do nudists have a word for people who wear clothes?

Yes, anyone who is not a nudist is called a "textile". The word textile refers to the non-nude person being clothed with textile materials (i.e., cloth is a textile).

As I understand it, textile is not a derogatory word in any way. Nudists are the most accepting groups of people on the planet.  The nudist may even have remorse when using the word.  "Those poor textiles, they do not know what they are missing."

Sometimes, when nudists are not nude, they may call themselves "textile" as in "While at work, I am a textile, but at home I an a nudist."   Or, "When the weather is too chilly to be nude, I am happy to be a warm textile."

Make sense?


Anonymous said...

One of the overwhelming attitudes I see on a lot of the nudist blogs is the idea the people who aren't nudists are "prudes", or "textiles". As a nudist myself, I find it amazing that nudists actually think that the word textile is actually not offensive. Whether "it defines who you are", or you are just someone who "enjoys being nude because it is fun", there are many different reasons for being a nudist. In addition, I find it hard to believe that all nudists share the same views regarding nudity. For instance, just because someone doesn't want to be a nudist doesn't make them a prude. To me, calling someone a textile is as annoying and offensive as the term nudist colony is to these nudist purists who believe that if you are not nude the "right reasons" you are not really a nudist. No one is qualified to determine if someone else is a nudist. You are only qualified to determine if YOU are a nudist.

If the nudist community really wants more acceptance from non-nudists, why do they make fun of the people that don't agree with them? A good place to start is to realize that there is nothing wrong with someone who prefers who keep there clothes on.

John Henry said...

Some good points. Nudists, like all people, have different viewpoints and interpretations. There is no universally accepted definition of what it means to be a nudist. Who you are has to come from within.

I agree with you about the word "prude". It has a negative "us versus them" connotation.

I see what you are saying about the word "textile". The community has to be cautious about the context it is used.

Whizzed said...

A good pointof anonymous's comment why do nudists think there is something wrong with us folk who wish a little modesty I agree 1000%