Friday, October 5, 2007

Nudist Blogs a Good Way to Learn About Nudism

Everyone has a unique perspective on nudism just like everyone has a unique perspective on life. The point is to talk about it. Several nudist use blogs as a way to let others learn about nudism.

It's alright to think nudism is not for you. Everyone has a preference. However, if you are open to the idea of being clothesfree beyond your shower, there are some good nudist blogs out there in the blogosphere that can help you learn more about real nudism.

Here's a few to check out, though there are many others that are just as good:

The Nude Life is a new blog with several articles from an experienced nudist. He was the author of the nudist cruise series on my nudist travel blog earlier this year.

USA Nudist covers USA nudist news topics and AANR happenings.

Nudist Day covers world nudist news and travel and has interviews with nudists and more.

The Nudiarist blog has a lot of posts on a variety of nudist topics. Check out the Burqini - the opposite of being cloths-free.

Of course, there's my other blog to learn about nudist travel and naturist resorts.

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