Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sleeping Naked: the next big thing?

Does sleeping naked lead to nudism?

The Urban Dictionary, a slang community-made dictionary, defines sleeping naked as:

  • "A practice that is shunned publicly by the general populace, but privately performed by millions. Particularly enjoyable when you have satin sheets."
Great definition. I've been sleeping naked since a teenager. I enjoy the comfort. I am not alone.

This survey, though terribly unscientific, also found that 53% of people sleep naked all of the time. Another 26% sleep naked only sometimes.

The heat gets to another 7% of the participants who admit to sleeping naked only when its hot. A weird survey choice, 6% sleep naked just with their friends. This may mean only during intimate relations with partners. Who knows? I told you the survey was unscientific.

Surprisingly, only 6% of people have never slept naked. Are you one of them?

And over on 43Things and again here, sleeping naked is one of the "43 things" people want to do. One naked sleeper says "I feel so free when I sleep in the nude. It’s best when it’s hot and you sleep naked without any blankets to cover you up."

And this person on 43Things goes explained how overcoming her fears of sleeping naked were worth it:
"Ok, I have to say that I am a very paranoid person at times, and it took me a while to be able to do this. I kept thinking, “what if the house catches on fire or something horrible happens and I have to run outside!”... But then I came to this realization… SO What>>> It’s just a body>> It’s not that Serious! So I tried it, and loved it. It’s even more spectacular with someone you love lying next to you."
Right on! It's just a body. Clothes seems extraneous, don't they?

But you are still confused, right? Your mom still dresses you and tells you how to think, doesn't she? If you want to sleep naked, but don't know how, I can point you in the right direction. Here's detailed instructions that tell you everything you need to know about how to sleep naked.

Be careful though. Elsewhere on the 'net, someone jokingly says that sleeping naked leads to nudism. The horror!
"I hear sleeping naked is a 'gateway activity' that leads to nudism. Once you’re naked in the bed, what’s next? Naked in the yard?"
Yes, sleep naked and you may realize that being naked is not always about sex. You might even want to learn more about nudism. The MSN Encarta definition of nudism (naturism) is this:
"wearing no clothes as custom: the practice of going without clothes, usually in a communal setting or in designated areas, in the belief that nudity is a healthy natural state"
Next thing you know, you'll wonder what else you could do naked. You may even end up reading more on this Nudist Beginnings blog or visiting a nudist travel blog like this. Soon, you'll consider swimming naked and then visiting nude beaches or maybe even a nude resort.

You may even end up as one of those people playing naked volleyball on the beach. That's what happened to me. It ain't so bad.

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Rick said...

Interesting. I've slept naked for years then became a nudist, then went to a nudist reasort. Now I'm naked around the house as often as possible. In fact, I spent the entire evening naked yesterday. I cooked my dinner, ate it, and did the dishes, all in the nude. All this from sleeping naked. Not a bad way to start, I'd say.