Friday, April 6, 2007

Nudist Myth Busting: "Crazy things go on during nude cruises"

Nope. True nudist/naturist cruises are not sex-charged places. They are human places. Nudist cruises are about real people on a cruise ship who just happen to be more comfortable without clothes. And with that, they form a common bond.

To get a feeling about what a nude cruise is really like, read the daily trip reports from a nudist aboard a Caribbean nude cruise with 1,200 other nudists.

There is one rule that must be followed for this nudist myth busting experiment to be true. The nudist cruise event must be held in positive regard by members of AANR, the International Naturist Federation, or any of the other wholesome nudism focused organizations, you can be assured the cruise is a good one.

When selecting a destination, reading the genuine nudist forums is a good place to start. A good one with a loyal following of "clothes-free people" is ClothesFree forums.

Nudist Myth Busted. Nude cruises provide a friendly, respectful vacation environment when properly selected.