Sunday, April 1, 2007

Complete list of reasons to wear clothes

After hours of research on this April 1st, I am pleased to present the Complete List of Reasons to Wear Clothes:

1. Clothes are good when the weather is too cold to be comfortable.

2. Clothes are good for the safety of construction workers, race car drivers, etc.

3. Clothes are good for sterile environments like hospitals, medical labs, and research centers.

4. Clothes are good for graduation ceremonies (with nothing under the "cap and gown" required).

5. Clothes are good for religious ceremonies for symbolism.

There you have it, the complete list of 5 reasons. This was more difficult than I originally thought.

Competing with the 205 Arguments in Favor of Naturism appearing in The Naturist Society's (TNS) N magazine in 1996 is just not possible. The list of arguments was compiled by K. Bacher from various sources.

Here's a sample of the arguments:

15. Children are not born with any shame about nudity. They learn to be ashamed of their own nudity.

21. Many indigenous tribes go completely naked without shame, even today. It is only through extended contact with the "modern" world that they learn to be "modest."

29. Nudity is not, by itself, erotic, and nudity in mixed groups is not inherently sexual. These are myths propagated by a clothes -obsessed society. Sexuality is a matter of intent rather than state of dress.

33. Studies have demonstrated that countries with fewer hangups about nudity have lower teen pregnancy and abortion rates.

45. Naturism is the antithesis of pornography.

101. Clothing is produced by environmentally irresponsible processes from environmentally irresponsible sources.

205. One of the most important arguments in support of nudism is personal experience.