Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Can Get Naked to Beat Energy Costs

With a long hot summer upon us and ever increasing energy costs, there's one way to beat the heat and surging prices. Get naked!

Getting naked in the comfort of your home is easy. First, be sure the window blinds are closed. Then, just remove your clothing the same way your do when taking a shower.


Cloth coverings (clothes) keep heat in, making humans hot and sweaty. The cloth material keeps the heat in and radiates the heat, making you hotter. What do you do when hot? You turn the fans and air conditioners to high. I know you do.

Your hot and sweaty clothes now need to be washed in the washing machine and then dried in a dryer.

Air conditioners, washers and dryers use electricity. Electricity costs more money each year. The washing machine also adds to the water bill.

Being without clothes costs nothing. It's cooler and may keep you from turning on the A/C. You may even need to wash less clothing.

Now, I'm not saying go out and be a nudist and visit nude beaches and the likes. But it sure does seem like a good idea to be naked in the comfort of your own home.