Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Pants Day is May 2nd 2008

What's the first thing people take off at nudist resorts and clothing optional beaches?


Pants. Who needs them?

To celebrate going without pants, a group has created No Pants Day. Though it has no relation to nudist recreation or the "nudist community", it seems worth mentioning. No Pants Day is a day where "everyone, be they students, respectable businessmen, or cherished community leaders, leave their pants behind. Usually this means wearing thick, appropriately modest boxer shorts, but bloomers, slips, briefs, and boxer-briefs all work as well."

No Pants Day is a fun event not intended to cause harm. There are no profound goals, like nudism, and the goal is just to have fun. As the No Pants Day websites states: "When large groups of people parade around in public without their pants, amazing things are bound to happen. At the very least, you’ll take your drab, wretched life a little less seriously, at least for one day."

Who can argue with that?