Saturday, November 3, 2007

German Nudist Attitudes Explored

Author Michele Hartley on About.com provided a nice overview on German nudist attitudes here in the article "Nude in Germany - German Nudists Bare All".

Here's some of the key points relevant to Nudist Beginnings readers:

"Nudism in Germany is not shocking, it is daily life. German nudists are everyday people like you and me. The first documented nudist camp was established just outside of Hamburg in 1904 by Paul Zimmerman,..." (Michele Hartley via About.com)
That's so different from the United States nudist experience where nudism has growing acceptance but is still considered strange by many. Most American nudists keep their nudism private from coworkers and even family.

In Germany, Hartley explains, there are many opportunities for nudism.
"Freikörperkultur (free body culture or FKK for short) has a huge following with campsites and vacations spots for the entire family. Germans don't mind nudity. It is accepted and sometimes expected, as in most saunas, where bathing suits are generally verboten or at least looked upon as an oddity." (Michele Hartley via About.com)
It sure seems that Germany is a different way of life when it comes to body acceptance and freedom. According to Hartley, anyone can be clothesfree and not have to worry about being judged.
"Sunbathing in the nude is commonplace in the major city parks around Germany (including Berlin) and the beaches are very often clothing optional. Whole families (from Grandma down to toddler) frolic on the beaches naked." (Michele Hartley via About.com)
Sure makes me want to consider visiting Germany someday. I'll certainly be looking into it further and reporting more here and on my nudist travel blog.